ork in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas in Laifeng, a remote county in Hubei province. He dedicated his life to the p eople, holding posts ranging from community-level government official to deputy manager of a local bank. His political beliefs as a Party member supported him during the war period and in serving th e people in peacetime, with indifference to fame and wealth, Zhang told Xinhua News Agency. He said he has been fulfilling the oath that he had sworn when joining the Party, and that he doesn’t deserve special recognition for his a chievements, since what he did was negligible compared with those whoRead More →

Late last year, Pu Kunhong decided to conduct a test. On New Year’s Eve, the 21-year-o ld visited a well-known hotpot chain on his own to see how people would react. Inside the packed restaurant, diners sat around tables, dropping meat, fish balls and vegetables into boiling cauldrons and chatting happily amid the rising steam. Pu sat opposite a large stuffed teddy bear-placed at his table by the management to ac t as a companion-and quietly added slices of raw beef to the broth bubbling in his cauldron. Providing large stuffed toys as companions is just one wa y the restaurant attempts to put soloRead More →

Of China’s 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions that h ave released their GDP figures for the first quarter, South China’s Guangdong pro vince takes the top spot with 2.39 trillion yuan ($345.94 billion), The Paper reported. Besides Guangdong, four other provinces exceeded the one trillion yuan mark: Jiangsu (2.29 trillion yuan), Shandong (2.02 trillion yuan), Zhejiang (1.31 trillion yuan), and Henan (1.16 trillion yuan). A total of 13 regions witnessed their GDP top more than 700 billion yuan in the first quar ter, among which seven came from the eastern region, four from central area and one from western. qchen.cnRead More →

Wednesday night, and for safety concerns, the team stayed one night at this location. On Thursday morning the climber was then brought to a camp at an altitude of 6,500 meters, the association’s general secretary, Pema Trinley, said. The association sent ten locals and one riding yak for support, and the climber was transferred to the 5,200-meter base cam p by 4 am Thursday. He was sent to Gyrong Port by midnight, which he left Friday morning in good condition, Tri nley said.This year, the region started its annual spring mountain climbing activities in early April, and since then 144 overseas and 12 domestic climbersRead More →

Stephen Roach, a faculty member at Yale University and former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, said the US government “blamed others for economic problems that are very much of its own making”. There are plenty of realistic options for resolution between the two co untries, Roach said in a recent article contributed to Beijing-based think tank China Watch. For instance, he suggested, the US and China should take the lead in forging a global cyber accord. “While additional tariffs from both US and China will weigh on China’s growth outlook, we expect policy measures to offset so me of the negative impacts,” said Tommy Wu,Read More →

nment late last week ordered its tech companies to cut ties with China’s Huawei and put a number of Chinese comp anies on an export blacklist , which makes it almost impossible for listed companies to purchase US-made goods. Gao Feng, ministry spokesman, said China will provide consumers in various countries with quality, reliable and diverse products. The Chinese government is confident it will protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, he said Thursday at a news conference. The misuse of the state power by the US to suppress Chinese companies not only seriously undermines the commercial cooper ation between companies on bothRead More →

 Uygurs in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Which in itself is a worrying development since it may be the start of the US using the domestic affa irs of other countries as a pretext to stifle the growth of foreign competitors to US companies. Washington, of course, is trying to put the US on the high moral ground while embedding its trade frictions with other countries into its political agenda and using its economic policy for its foreign policy aims. In this way, it is hoping to achieve the colonization of the global business world, allegedly under the banners of human rights, freedom and democracy.Read More →

The man who stabbed and killed two 10-year-old students in Shanghai was senten ced to death by the Shanghai No 1 Intermediate People’s Court on Thursday. On the morning of June 28, 2018, Huang Yichuan, a native of Shaoyan g city, Hunan province, killed two boys near the gate of the Shanghai World Foreign Lan guage Primary School on Pubei Road in Xuhui district, Shanghai. He also injured another boy and a woman. The court, which had heard the case on Dec 6, said on Thursday that Hua ng, who was then 29, committed the crime as he was frustrated by problems at work. HeRead More →

pment team and deputy chief engineer of CRRC Qingdao Sifang, said the testing prototype can check and optimize the key technologies and core system comp onents of the high-speed maglev system and lay a technological basis for the forthcoming engineering prototype. The engineering prototype is planned to roll off the production line in 2020 and go through comprehensive tests to conclude integrated verification in 2021. The high-speed maglev transportation system is one of the key projects under the Mi nistry of Science and Technology’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) to promote an advanced rail transit system. qianhuavc.comRead More →

he subject of remaining true to the Party’s original aspirations and keeping its mission firmly in mind. On Monday afternoon, Xi also visited the home of Sun Guanfa, a 71-year-old veter an who is also a descendant of a Red Army martyr, at Tantou village, Zishan township. Hearing that Sun’s family members had no difficulties in employment and education, Xi said as long as the people follow th e Party’s leadership, China will definitely achieve great rejuvenation and the people will enjoy a better life. “The Communist Party is dedicated to making the people happy, and the CPC Central Committee is making all efforts toRead More →